Art needs rules

Two videos courtesy of, both of them illustrating that great art, and particularly great comedy, grows from constraints and discipline. Firstly, a lovely piece by Tony Zhou on the art of Chuck … [Read more]

Leaving Atticus in the attic

It's the release day of That Book. You know, the Unpublished Book by the Woman Who Wrote That Other Book That Everyone's Read. There's a lot of chatter this morning on the subject of Go Set A Watchman. The reviews are a bit stinky, the numbers are … [Read more]

Morning salmagundi 8/7/15: Music

I finally reached the end of the nightmare last night. The last compact disc disappeared from my shelves, digitally dismembered into the Cloud, its silvery blandness dispatched to one of half-a-dozen disc holders and sent to the bottom of a … [Read more]

Morning salmagundi 7/7/15

Inspired by the fevered brain machine that is Warren Ellis and his, I'm going to start blogging again the way I used to: regularly, randomly, selfishly as a way of getting the fingers and brain warmed up for the day. Today seems a … [Read more]