Jarvis on “hot news”

Hot news is ridiculously obsolete. What’s hot today? As Tom Glocer, head of Thomson Reuters, said, his news is most valuable for “miliseconds.” Hot news limitations should be repellant to journalists, even desperate ones, because every journalist builds on the facts revealed by others. It should further be repugnant to them as it constitutes a form of court-supervised prior restraint. Hot news restrictions would be suicidal to news organizations — even though they foolishly think it would protect them — because it would restrict everyone’s ability to spread the news via links and send journalists audience. Hot news should worry every citizen because the free flow of information is vital to a democracy.

via There is no hot news. All news is hot news. « BuzzMachine.

Ditto “exclusives”. The only people who care about “exclusives” are journalists and their peers. Readers don’t give a monkey’s. The MP expenses story was “broken” by the Telegraph. I didn’t read a single Telegraph web page, or buy a single copy of the paper. Once it’s out, it’s out, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. If you’re not happy with that, get out of the news business.

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