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So, the article I wrote for the Guardian about book publishing, statistics, gloom and optimism has caused quite a splash today: hundreds of retweets, lots of comments on, a few grumbles but also a great many hurrahs (which I’ll come back to later in the week).

For now, this is just to say “thanks for listening”, and to give a place here for discussion of the article if, for some reason, people don’t fancy doing so on

And in conclusion: I’m not and never have said that everything in the garden is rosy. I’m just saying the data that’s available doesn’t prove that it isn’t. That is all.

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Lloyd is the author of The English Monster and The Poisoned Island. He lives in London, but dreams of Manchester.


  1. A belated thanks for what I thought was an excellent article. Struck a good balance between the two camps that discussions about publishing now seem to fall into: ‘the sky is falling and four horsemen are approaching’ vs ‘ebooks will bring world peace and an end to hunger’.

    Good or bad, it’s an interesting time to be a writer.

  2. Lloyd Shepherd says:

    Thanks Iain – appreciate that.


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