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Not currently investing in culture

Last week I went to an Undisclosed Urban Corporate Environment to record a podcast with the Off the Wall crew, and last night they put it online. You can listen here.

While talking, I referred to a peerless presentation given by David Lowery of Camper van Beethoven (among a great many other things), titled Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss? I urge anyone interested in the economics of making culture to read it; it says some hard things and some unpalatable things, but personally I think it has the overall ring of truth.

One of the things I bang on about in the podcast is that, if the record companies and publishers go to the wall, who will fund cultural creation at a level large enough for significant amounts of new stuff to be made. I accuse the tech companies of failing to do that, the fruit-based ones in particular. But this morning comes news that Amazon is setting up a publishing arm in Britain – so perhaps I’m wrong about that as well. Though it seems like just another well-funded monopolistic land-grab to me.

Now, off to the Genius Bar to see if my expensive piece of kit produced by the not-investing-in-new-culture Cupertino giant can be saved. Irony ahoy.




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