Tumbling book lists

I love Tumblr. I love the way you can have an idea to make something and it can be there, in front of you, within minutes. The type of thing which fifteen years ago required major investment, rounds of meetings, hours of Powerpoint and weeks of arm-twisting can now happen in the time it takes to drink a beer.

I love lists of books. Not just any old lists. I love lists from institutions, from teachers, from experts. I love hearing answers to questions like “what are the best ten books on particle physics for non-scientists” from scientists. One of my favourite books is called The Best Books and basically consists of lists of books on every subject, compiled by people who know that subject.

So I decided to combine those two affections into one: a Tumblr called A List of Book Lists. It does what it says it does: compiles lists of the best books arrived at either by expertise, public acclaim or cultural importance. Already up there are the top 100 books according to the French, William Gibson’s favourite SF novels, the best New Jersey novels. Take a look, and maybe even submit your own in the link at the top.


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