A virtual book signing for The Poisoned Island

A few people have asked me about book signings for The Poisoned Island. There’s nothing concrete organised as yet, but there will be something. There will also be signed books available in some London bookshops, and I’ll post details of these when I get them. For now, you can order a signed copy of the book from the good people at Goldsboro Books.

But if you can’t get to a bookshop (this is all pretty Londoncentric, after all) or you’ve bought your book online or even got hold of a digital copy, there is a way of getting it signed. I’ve got some nice postcards (pictured) and some paste-in frontispieces from the nice people at Simon and Schuster, which I’m happy to sign and send to you.

Poisoned Island postcards

One condition, though: you need to have bought the book to get a signature. Seems a fair trade, no? So to get a signature, send an email to me at lloydshep [at] gmail [dot] com with the following information:

  • whether you want a postcard or a frontispiece
  • what you’d like written on it
  • some kind of proof of purchase: either an email from an online retailer, or a scan of the receipt, or anything at all, really. Let’s keep this simple
  • your address. Your real address, where real physical objects can be sent and received by real physical people

I’ve not tried this before, so I hope it works. But let’s give it a go.



  1. Kenn Menzies Norris says

    Hi Lloyd,

    Are you going to have an audio version? If so, any idea of the release date, and I really hope that Steven Crossley will be reading it.

    Cheers – Kenn Menzies Norris

  2. Lloyd Shepherd says

    Hi Kenn – yes there will be an audio version, and yes, Steven Crossley is reading it! No news on launch date – but I’ll drop you a line when I know.

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