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Knight Foundation Awards

Wednesday in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced the winners of its annual Knight News Challenge, a contest funding innovative ideas for disseminating news and information to local communities with digital technologies. 12 entrants were awarded a grand total of $2.74 million, the largest share, $400k, going to Eric Rodenbeck and his data visualization project CityTracking.

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NADANU | About Us

Nadanu enables non-profits, educational institutions, campaign fundraisers and businesses to use a secure, next-generation fundraising platform to increase interaction, awareness and support. Based around a visual, fun and unique user interface, Nadanu allows people to give at any time at any level of support, whether from a mobile phone, social media network or the web.

In addition to the end-user experience, Nadanu enables organizations to interact with their donors with dynamic content delivered directly to the application.

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Stuff I've been reading

Thinking about happiness actually makes you happier, says Penelope Trunk (and she has a carefully arranged expression at the top of her blog which suggests happiness and seriousness in equal measure).

A lot of people seem to be talking about chartbeat, which provides realtime web analytics. Anyone using it?

The Italians have started publicly tracking CCTV camera locations. Seems odd that no-one in Britain is doing this.

Using the Drake equation to work out why this guy doesn’t have a girlfriend. Frankly, if this paper doesn’t get him an attractive geekette in the next seven days, there’s no justice.

A US developer is working on open transit data using the GTFS format. Before reading this, I didn’t even know there was a GTFS format.

The history of slavery scars our comfortable view of the world in unexpected ways.