Scribd: apps are a waste of money

Scribd are saying what a lot of us are thinking: bespoke iPad apps (indeed, bespoke any apps) might just be a waster of money:

Although magazines like Wired are reporting strong results for their early iPad efforts, for most publishers, this is still an experiment to see if they can recreate—or at least approximate—the revenue model that used to work so well in print’s pre-digital days. With publishers’ budgets and resources fairly limited, online document marketplace Scribd hopes that instead of devoting the time and fees to working with major content design firms, magazines will simply let it create an HTML5 app for them in a matter of minutes. The only price: Scribd wants a share of the ad revenues.

Forbes is the first major mag publisher to use the Scribd platform to create a digital magazine replica. In a conversation with Jared Friedman, CTO and co-founder of Scribd, told paidContent that since the free, online-only Forbes “special issue” on Warren Buffett was released on May 25th, it’s been read on Scribd’s site over 25,000 times. A print version of Vintage Warren: The Best of Forbes on Buffett, a compendium of past articles on the “Oracle of Omaha,” will hit newsstands next month.

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Interesting companion piece to this yesterday from Robert Andrews: the anti-web movement is gathering pace.

Of course, it’ll be a mixed economy of websites and apps, universality versus specific functionality. The trick will be coming up with systems and workflows that allow lots of different platforms to be supported from one bucket of content. As NPR and the Guardian already understand.

Who does checkins best?

Checkins, not chickens.

Answer: Foursquare and Gowalla.

uTest’s Checkin Challenge report looked at checkin applications and found that Foursquare had the least amount of reported bugs and ranked highest in terms of ease of use, while Gowalla won in the location accuracy category. The big loser in the study, however, was the notion of badges for prestige.

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Jobs: iAds will take 48% of mobile advertising market | VentureBeat

Move over, AdMob and Millennial. Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented a slide at this morning’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco that claims that 48% of spending on mobile advertising in the United States from July through December of 2010 will go to Apple’s iAd advertising system for its iPhone and iPad portable gadgets.

“We’ve got advertisers committing to sixty million dollars,” Jobs told the assembled crowd of software developers and journalist.

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