The English Monster UK and Commonwealth Edition

The English Monster is published in the UK and Commonwealth by Simon and Schuster. The paperback edition is out from September 27th, but is available immediately in Waterstones as part of the Autumn Book Club. The hardback original is still for sale in most places.

It is available at all good bookshops, and there’s also a great unabridged audiobook narrated by Steven Crossley if stories-in-the-ear is your thing. Here’s some links to some less-obvious places to buy, as well as some links for particular formats.

  • The Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace: a great independent bookshop, and an early supporter of the book. They sell online and will deliver.
  • Dulwich Books: likewise, a great independent bookshop and early supporter. They sell online through the excellent Hive network, which allows you to buy online and pick up at your local bookshop
  • Goldsboro Books: they sell signed first editions and were an early supporter of the book. You can buy through their website or through their excellent shop just off Charing Cross Road in London
  • Waterstones: lots of fans of the book at Waterstones HQ, and you can buy it online as well
  • Foyles: London’s renowned bookshop (or shops, there’s actually half-a-dozen of them now), they had some signed copies of the book last time I went in
  • Hatchards: another renowned bookseller, they also had some signed copies
  • The audiobook is available from its producer, WF Howes, and can also be bought through Amazon and Audible. You can listen to a sample here: The_English_Monster
  • ebook versions are available through Amazon (Kindle), Apple (iBook), WH Smith (Kobo)
  • A large print version of the book is available (exclusively, I believe) from the Large Print Bookshop