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Amis, Roth, Updike selling direct

Celebrated authors bypass publishing houses to sell ebooks via Amazon | Books | guardian.co.uk:

The brainchild of uber-agent Andrew “The Jackal” Wylie, Odyssey Editions launches today. It offers 20 modern literary classics as ebooks for the first time, exclusively via Amazon.com’s Kindle store. The books, all priced at Amazon’s usual ebook rate of $9.99, range from Amis’s London Fields, Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint and VS Naipaul’s The Enigma of Arrival to titles from the estates of dead authors such as John Updike, William S Burroughs, Saul Bellow and Hunter S Thompson.


The Bucket Brigade (title tentative) by Bud Caddell

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We’re Writing a Book – The Bucket Brigade (title tentative) by Bud Caddell — Kickstarter:

This book will be for anyone interested in creating products that are not just market exchanges, but cultural exchanges – for anyone that wants to build or reshape an organization for doing business in a world gone digital – and for anyone just finding their footing in the marketing industry today. Ultimately, I want the book to serve as the how, not just the why or what, for transformational growth at a time when a commitment to strategic change will reshape the entire business landscape. At the core of the book will be ten new principles for creating, promoting, and distributing products in the future – my ten new commandments for brands and marketers.

And the book itself, from ideation, creation, and distribution will follow these new tenants – starting with this kickstarter project and you.


Times: 15,000 paying subs?

Times’ Paid Model: The Unofficial Numbers Come In:

The Times’ paid model is just two weeks old but, still, a number of stats came through this weekend – none of them from the horse’s mouth…

First, the meat – some potentially significant first numbers on how successful the paper’s paid websites have been in their first two weeks. There’s no attribution for these, but the fact they’re reported by former Times media correspondent Dan Sabbagh might be some cause for validity…

—Readers registered during free trial period: 150,000.
—Paying subscribers: 15,000 (Sabbagh: ‘This figure, apparently, is considered disappointing’).
—iPad customers so far: 12,500

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What’s Really Going on Behind Murdoch’s Paywall?

What’s Really Going on Behind Murdoch’s Paywall?:

“My sources say that not only is nobody subscribing to the website, but subscribers to the paper itself—who have free access to the site—are not going beyond the registration page. It’s an empty world.

The wider implications of this emptiness are only just starting to become clear. A Murdoch and Fleet Street veteran with whom I’ve been corresponding about the paywall reported to me on his recent conversation with an A-list entertainment publicist: ‘What was really interesting to me was that this person volunteered a blinding realization. ‘Why would I get any of my clients to talk to the Times or the Sunday Times if they are behind a paywall? Who can see it? I can’t even share a link and they aren’t on search. It’s as though their writers don’t exist anymore.’’ “